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I had a million things to say

And a million things to thank for

And I didn't know that one day

The pain would break open my door



I just think it wasn't fair

To oblige my body to crawl

Under a layer of despair

Nobody could ever control



I could tell you my story

Recall some dramatic events

I could make you feel sorry

For the past I had to invent



For the love you didn't give me

And all that void I had to face

For my life's an absurdity

Sinking slowly into sadness



Sometimes I hope you remember

With a salty tear of regret

That you had once a daughter

Because I'll never forget




I have built my deepest grief

On this lack of explanation

Which has twisted my belief

And has shaped my damnation



Nobody never told me why

Life is such a suffering

In god we trust is the reply

That makes you think you're something



And mighty death keeps laughing at you

While you're wandering in vein

Trying to figure out what's true

In that universe of pain



My world is full of bodies

Enjoying my endless fall

Life is a bed of roses

With no leaves and no petals



I guess for me there is no way

To escape that beautiful death

And I swear the last words I will say

Will shade god's tears and drawn your faith



So please mourn me when I'm dead

Kiss my morituary pall

Spread some roses on my bed

Then go to hell to rock my soul



And when I'm faced with the devil

I'll threw all my sadness at him

And I will not be scared at all

Because I don't believe in him



And if he wants despite all that

To burn me up in his oven

I'm sure god will take my heart

So I can know what is Heaven


BethSorel -

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  • Tétanisante inertie
    28.05.2020 12:18
    procrastination ?
  • Larme...
    28.05.2020 12:17
    je pense que je voulais dire un truc spéciale... caché... intrigant :-)
  • Larme...
    28.05.2020 12:15
    bah en fait je ne sais même plus ce que voulais dire !! lol :-) en tous cas attristés prend ées :-)
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